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Floral Occasions

How Do I  Order?

  1. Print and Fill Out the Order Form ...
  2. Follow the Directions on the form to pack your flower for shipping
  3. Please place wrist measurements on the order form in 1/4 inch increments.
  4. Place the order form and your Flower in an envelope and ship it to the address listed on the top of the form

NOTE: We do not accept personal checks .. please send us a Bank Check or Money Order with your order form... make checks payable to Meredith Allen.

    If you are sending Flowers … Dry the petals by laying them out on a clean cloth, paper towel or hang them upside down from a hanger then put them in a zip-type baggie once dried.If you send them fresh, wrap the petals in paper towels, NO baggie!

    Enclose the towel/baggie in a bubble shipping envelope or a small box along with a copy of the order form.

    Also, enclose a bank cashier's check or money order for the entire cost of your order.  Once the check has cleared, processing will begin.  It takes about four weeks from the time processing begins until a finished product is complete.

    Please make sure that you include all wrist measurements in 1/4 inch increments ... this is very important to insure a proper fit and comfort. 

    You will be called when your order is complete.

    Your jewelry will be sent to you via insured Priority Mail to insure its safety.

    A courtesy call upon receipt would be appreciated.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed.

      If you still have question fill out our contact form and click submit ... we will contact you as soon as possible.