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I was so surprised and pleased to get the beautiful bracelet you made!  Audrey is missed very much. It is nice to have such a lovely momento. The pink color from the flowers will be the perfect memory. You are so sweet to think of us. We will treasure the gift!

Sincerely, Barbara Riddle 

I really love my bracelet. I will think of (my loved one) when I wear it. Thank you so much.

Bless You, Oleta

At Petals In Time memory bead jewelry we make handcrafted jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants ... 

Have your special flowers made into a lasting memory bead. A unique gift for yourself,  moms, dads, brothers , kids, friends,  bridesmaids, grandmothers ... Well anyone.

​We can make jewelry beads from ... flowers,  fabric, soil, beach sand, leaves, wood,  silk flowers, fabric, a chunk of rust off of that favorite old car ... almost anything organic.

We Never Remember Days ... Only Moments In Time!

What better way to Preserve the memories that are near and dear to us - than by wearing a piece of Jewelry made of flowers from a special event, carrying a handbag made from your dad's shirt and tie .... we will assist you in preserving those Memories.
​We know that flowers are used to commemorate life's most significant moments, including births, graduations, weddings and deaths. They are also given as tokens of love and symbols of romance, as well as of sympathy and friendship. For these reasons, we associate flowers with meaningful memories.

We also know that your memories are important. They make up our whole life. We look back at our heritage (our childhood, our kid's, our parents, our grandparents, our pets, our trips, everything).

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